OvoSelect DX300

OvoSelect DX300 – Fully Automatic Egg Sorting and Packing System

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OvoSelect DX300 is a new model Fully Automatic Egg Grading and Packing system with medium capacity.

Automatic packing machine can be connected to maximum 4 outputs.

It sorts eggs according to maximum 7 different weight groups. It provides automatic filling of maximum 4 different grading groups selected according to preference into egg trays.

In the system with 4 automatic egg packing machines connected, the lowest quantity, maximum 3 different grading groups are directed to manual collection trays.

It is designed for the installation of single-head printers. In this way, all eggs entering the sorting machine are weighed, coded according to their weight class or the exit to which they will be directed and made ready for shipment.

DX300 has a single-row egg transportation chain with speed and acceleration control in the tunnel. Thanks to the specially designed egg transportation trolleys, even the most sensitive eggs are transported without breaking as they are not exposed to any holding and squeezing forces.

OvoSelect DX300 is designed in stainless chrome steel, washable structure.

It offers a visual and easy operation with its 7″ Color LCD touch screen.

OvoSelect DX300 has 6 egg transportation spools.

Main features of the Ovoselect DX300;

    • Modular design, removable parts
    • Egg accumulating table is easily separated and cleaned
    • All stainless chrome steel
    • High quality electronic weighing system
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Ease of use with user friendly touch screen.
    • Fast and quality after-sales service
    • Manual or Automatic line options
    • Broken Egg control with included egg candling room
    • Storing daily analyzes in memory after sorting

Printer Assembly

Designed for the installation of egg grading machines.

Egg collection table

An optional number (1-3) of manual collection tables can be installed in the output lines of the DX300. On the tables, the eggs are transported to the operator with an antibacterial modular belt. The manual collection tables have an empty tray shelf.

Easily connected to the poultry egg line

The egg accumulating belt of the Dx300 is designed to allow the entry of eggs from three sides. Thanks to the density sensing feature, the eggs are transferred without piling up and breaking.

Antibacterial Cleanable Egg Spools

The egg transport spools used in Dx300 are made of anti-bacterial material. In this way, it is easy to clean as well as the desired flexibility and durability.

Cracked Egg Control Zone

The Dx300 uses an egg candling room with bottom illumination to easily identify cracked eggs on the egg conveyor.

Egg Transport Chain and Trolleys

The Dx300 has a single-row egg transport chain with speed and acceleration control. Thanks to the specially designed egg carts, even the most delicate eggs are transported without breaking as they are not subjected to any holding and squeezing force.

Technical Specifications

Capacity:30,000 eggs/hour
Number of Input Lines:6 line input
Weighing System:Electronic weighing
Weighing Accuracy:0,1 gram
Number of classifications:6 or 7 sizes
Operation:Easy operation with 7″LCD display
Analysis:Egg counts and average weight
Power consumption:2.0 kW + (4×1.2 kW) = 6.8 kWh, 380VAC (with 4 auto-collections)
Weight(Net/Gross):3.080 kg./ 3.280 kg.
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