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BG MAKINA was established in Izmir in 2008 by Mechanical Engineer Bahattin KOR and Mechanical Engineer Gökhan KAVADAR.

Since the day it was founded, BG MAKINA has been the leading organization in our country in the production of egg coding, sorting and packaging systems needed by medium and large-scale egg production farms in Turkey and abroad.

In 2010, it produced Ovoselect D101, Turkey’s first domestic electronic egg grading machine. Today, the production of this model is still continuing. On the other hand, our company continues its R&D studies with TUBITAK and develops high-level egg sorting systems with advanced technology.

BG MAKINA has prioritized high technology and quality in the systems it has developed as a result of its scientific and academic studies and at the same time, the components used for the long life of the whole system have been carefully selected. In addition, international studies are also carried out to ensure that the designed machines are easy to use and clean and at the same time have an aesthetic appearance.

BG MAKİNA continues to offer solutions for egg coding, sorting and packing machines to Central and South America, Europe, Balkans and Middle East countries.