OvoPacker P80

OvoPacker P80

A first in the world, again from BG Makina, we are honored to share it with you.

The world’s first egg packing machine, which is designed in 100% Plug & Play structure which means all parts can be removed, was deemed worthy of TUBITAK R&D Innovation Support in 2014 and our project was successfully completed and it was protected by patent and utility model with all rights belonging to our company.

Our machine was presented to our valued customers for the first time at the International VIV 2015 Istanbul Poultry Technologies Fair held in June 2015.

As BG Makina, with the effect of our uninterrupted R&D studies, each new model we produce is offered to the service of our valued customers as machines that are less likely to malfunction, much easier to use and maintain, much simpler in structure but much more functional.

Technical specifications;

  • Net egg packing capacity of 80,000 eggs per hour
  • Fills 30 eggs plastic and pulp trays
  • Easy operation with color touch LCD screen
  • With its self-learning smart software, it adapts to you, not you to it
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to patented plug-and-play modular design
  • Precise and delicate egg handling and typesetting, even at high speeds
  • High quality and long lasting parts
  • All metal parts are stainless metal chrome-nickel
  • All plastic parts are food safe
  • It runs quietly and consumes little energy.
  • Tübitak approved features,
  • 1- Easy cleaning and maintenance with plug & play structure
  • 2- Environmentally friendly with low energy consumption
  • 3- Low waste rate with sensitive grip
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