OvoSelect D101

OvoSelect D101

OvoSelect D101 – Compact electronic sorter

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Ovoselet D101 egg grader offers a compact and long-lasting solution for small-scale businesses with high stability and precision electronic weighing.

D101 body and mechanisms are completely stainless steel and two different models are available according to your settlement.

The main differences of Ovoselect D101;

  • Compact and modular design
  • Easy to use
  • Precise weighing and stability
  • After-sales service satisfaction
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance costs

Crack Egg Control

Thanks to the illuminated reels, cracked eggs are easily detected with the D101.

Post-Classification Analysis

Thanks to its 7″ touch screen color display, the D101 stores the number of eggs, percentages and average weight after sorting and stores them in a list for months. If desired, this data can be transferred to a USB memory card and accessed with Excel program on the computer.

Antibacterial Egg Reels

The D101’s egg reels are made of a special antibacterial material, ensuring that they contain as little bacteria as possible and are easy to clean.

High Precision egg transfer

The surfaces on which the eggs sit and the transportation parts are specially designed to prevent damage to the eggs.

Write the Business Code and Name on the Egg

If desired, an Ovojet printer can be installed on the D101 as an option, and the eggs can be coded and sorted at once.

Functional egg collection table

There is a movable PVC band on the table where the eggs are collected, and this band is brought to the area where the eggs are collected, preventing the eggs from cracking.

Easily adapted to the poultry house band

Thanks to its special design, the D101 can take eggs from three sides to the collection belt, and a special density sensor is used to prevent clumping and breakage during the transfer of eggs to the reels.

All these features make the Ovoselect D101 an indispensable product for small-scale businesses.

Technical Specifications

Capacity:10,000 eggs (28 boxes) / hour
Weighing System:Electronic load cell
Weighing Accuracy:+/- 0,1 gr
Number of Grades:Separates 5 dyes
Operation:Easy and visual operation with 7″ LCD touch screen
Analysis:Egg counts and average weight analysis
Power consumption:0.60 kw single phase 220VAC
Weight(Net/Gross):450 kg./ 550 kg.

D101 Layout and dimensions

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