OvoSystem 330

OvoSystem 330

OvoSystem 330 – 120.000 eggs/h. – Egg Grading and Packaging System

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It is a specially produced high capacity egg sorting system.

It can direct the eggs passing through it to 4-5-6 different outlets depending on the model, sort them according to 5-6-7 different weight groups and make them ready for shipment by automatically coding and filling them into the egg trays.

It is designed in washable stainless chrome steel. It is very easy to install anywhere, especially in the area where it is installed, thanks to its very small footprint and removable shelf structure. It offers a visual and easy use with its 10″ Color LCD touch screen.

Main features of Ovosystem 330;

  • Modular design, removable parts
  • Egg entry band is easily separated and cleaned
  • All stainless chrome steel
  • High quality electronic weighing system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Suitable for automated packaging lines
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