Egg Grading, Collection, and Coding Machines

Egg Grading, Collection, and Coding Machines

Egg Sorting, Collection, and Coding Machines

While eggs rank among the most produced and consumed food items, egg sorting machines, egg collection machines, and egg coding machines are among the most sought-after equipment by producers. This is because eggs undergo intensive processes from being produced by hens to reaching the market. The egg sorting, collection, and coding machines available at bgmakina.com are well-equipped and sufficient for these processes.

In these machines:

Egg Sorting Machines

There are various types of egg sorting machines, including manual collection systems, manual and automatic collection systems, and fully automatic collection systems. Egg sorting machines perform a slow but reliable process of individually transporting eggs, allowing for the collection stage to proceed without breakage or damage, thus minimizing losses.

Egg Collection Machines

Featuring plug-and-play capabilities, the top-quality egg collection machine saves time and money. The machine produced within our company has been certified by Tubitak and patented by us. With a capacity of sorting 40,000 eggs per hour and the ability to classify eggs from 10 to 30, the machine boasts durable and high-quality parts, smart software, delicate egg handling, and environmentally friendly features.

Egg Coding Machines

After being sorted by the egg collection machine, the eggs undergo coding. Egg coding machines are used for this purpose. In our inventory, our machine:

Enables the coding of up to 300,000 eggs with a single cartridge. Offers the option of single or double-line printing on eggs. Comes with 5 or 6 head options and features a design that requires minimal maintenance. Codes eggs without touching them and provides the count of coded eggs via an LED screen.

Advantages of Egg Sorting, Collection, and Coding Machines

In today’s world, manual labor is increasingly being replaced by machines, and even robots, across various industries. Therefore, keeping up with technology is essential for poultry farming, which is an ever-growing sector. For instance, consider egg sorting: imagine the number of eggs collected daily. Sorting them individually would be extremely challenging and laborious. Moreover, since eggs come in various sizes, it is impossible for the human eye to accurately sort them by size. This is where sorting machines come in handy. Similarly, egg collection machines are used for the packaging stage, enabling eggs placed by sorting machines to be packaged quickly and without damage. Finally, egg coding machines indicate information such as production dates and serial numbers, ensuring consumer trust. Manual coding, as you can imagine, is nearly impossible. For all these reasons, you can confidently use egg sorting, collection, and coding machines in your operations.

Prices of Egg Sorting, Collection, and Coding Machines

Market conditions, especially in recent times, are constantly changing, affecting machine prices. However, when it comes to quality, price becomes less relevant. Because solely looking at the price of a product can be misleading. Instead, you should evaluate price-performance. In egg sorting, collection, and packaging, machines should be both high-quality and functional. Therefore, you can benefit from the BG Makina guarantee for the highest quality machines and effectively manage your poultry farming operations with high profitability in a short time.